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Merlin Cast News
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Merlin Cast News
Hello and Welcome to merlincastnews!

The Merlin fandom on LJ is currently sadly lacking a place to share news of the cast's current projects and accomplishments.

Colin and Bradley and many of the others have exciting new projects happening and/or coming soon and it would be great to have a place where these accomplishments can be shared.

Our Goals:
• Share information, updates, or news on the BBC Merlin cast, including news about new projects, interviews, new photos, etc.

• Maintain searchable tags and a helpful archive of news.

• Be a friendly and open minded place for fans of all actors.

• Who can post? Posting is open to anyone who has news to share!

• Have a question? Ask it here!

• Are you interested in being part of the mod team? Please let us know!

• Do you have comments and suggestions on how the community could be better? We'd love to hear them!

• Need to contact a mod? Comments on this post will be screened until viewed by a mod or if you prefer, you can send us a PM.

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