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12 January 2017 @ 02:27 pm
Colin Morgan: The Laughing King  
Colin Morgan’s “ The Laughing King “ will be shown at the British Shorts Film Festival in Berlin.

The Laughing King (Drama), R.: Lindy Heymann,15:52 Min.
Final destination Blackpool. A young man tries to find ways out of his despair in the English coastal city.

Anniversary Edition: 10th British Shorts Film Festival in Berlin!

200 films in seven days! British Shorts is once more back in 2017 to present the most exciting, funniest, strangest and most thrilling short films from the home of dirty weather – drama, comedy, thriller, animation, experimentals, docs, horror, science fiction and music videos straight from Great Britain and Ireland. We're looking forward to loads of short films, a 48 hour film project, concerts, parties, talks, an exhibition, retrospective screenings and an open screening at four venues in Berlin. And again the best short films will be awarded!


Thanks to brolinskeep and muche007 for the head's up.